4 Varieties of Innovative Corporate Videos

4 Varieties of Innovative Corporate Videos

The presence of videos in companies used to be restricted only to advertisements etc. But today there is a need to create videos for many occasions. It is created to celebrate milestones, to provide a recap for events etc. Corporate videos are everywhere. They have become an effective way to connect with the people, be it workers or outsiders and have contributed to more turnover and reduction of expenses.

There are a plethora of corporate videos, such as follows:

1. Recruitment Videos: Finding potential candidates to be recruited into your company happens on the internet. If a candidate is researching about a company, recruitment videos help the candidate to understand the various aspects of the company, such as brand, tasks, history etc.Sometimes companies tend to shoot videos of the employees carrying out tasks as by doing that you tend to inform the candidates how the tasks look like. There might be cases where a highly qualified candidate has to be recruited into the company. Such candidates have to be convinced regarding why they can join your company. Recruitment videos aim at managing such cases.

Recruitment videos sometimes tend to show the work space. This is a preferred way of keeping the candidates informed about the company rather than forcing them to long write ups. This technique can be used if your company doesn’t want to opt for traditional channels for recruitment.

2. Corporate Events Videos: After months of planning, whooping investments to ensure a successful output etc, corporate events are conducted. Such events require a lot of publicity and promotions, ticket sales etc. But once the event is over it is necessary to share the outcome with the clients through after-movie of the event as this being the outcome, can be shared with the employees. Corporate event videos should not just include only event videos, but also include conferences, seminars etc particularly for those who cannot turn up for such events. Here’s where the video production team can have a Midas touch in reaping marketing materials through such videos. Such videos when shown to clients, creates higher possibilities of receiving better sponsors. Through this, corporate videos can receive a huge return on investment.

3. Updates Videos: A lot can happen in a company on a daily basis which people might not notice. Updates videos tend to recap the progress of the company which can be shared with the members of the company. Updates/Milestones can documented on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis etc. It is a chance to showcase the accomplishment of the company. Such videos are about showing rather than just telling, be it the milestones or the people who helped the company achieve such milestones which are portrayed in the videos.

4. Word from the CEO Videos: This type of video has some moments of the CEO expressing his views about the happenings in the company- be it achieving a milestone or a new product launch. Such videos should be short and to the point such that people are not lost in the message. Most of the times messages tend to be inspiring and the workers are motivated to work harder and achieve more goals.

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