A Beginners Guide To YouTube Analytics. Know more inside

A Beginners Guide To YouTube Analytics. Know more inside

Being the trending video platform on the planet, YouTube is also the second biggest search engine following Google, its parent organisation. Assuming that over four thousand million hours of video are watched every month on YouTube, we’re splurging more time than ever on this platform. Now that the site has been provided with a new format, one that points a significant focus on subscriptions, it’s now more essential than ever to accept your audience and what content works best. Regardless, you use your YouTube account for an online business or enjoyment; it is beneficial to understand the data behind your videos.

By being well informed of which of your video clips are trending, who is watching them and how they are being viewed, you can achieve an understanding of what is impactful and seek to replicate your technique for success.


How to Use YouTube Analytics- YouTube Analytics is an invaluable tool that’s ready to clue you in on exactly how you can optimize your video strategy for success. It’s a jackpot once you master the basics of YouTube data analysis. It’ll teach you what keeps viewers stick to your subject and what makes people go off.

How Do I See Analytics on YouTube- First things first: To access your YouTube Analytics dashboard, click your profile picture at the top right of any YouTube page, and then click “YouTube Studio (beta).” >>Then you’ll be taken to the new YouTube Studio dashboard. >>Next, click “Analytics” in the left sidebar. 

And you’re in! This is where the magic happens, my friend!


We have listed 10 significant YouTube metrics you can utilise to brush up your videos and expand your channel.


Understand the Importance of Watch Time

Examine Your Audience Retention

Keep an Eye on Your Real-Time Report

Explore Your Audience Demographics

Identify Your Traffic Sources

See How Impressions Relate to Watch time

Track Your Card Click-Through-Rates

Study Your Likes and Dislikes

Pay Attention to Social Shares

Monitor Your Subscriber Rate

Final Words- This is a constant process that should never stop – even if you’re smashing your goals left and right. The trending person on YouTube is consistently ploughing into their YouTube Analytics parameters to see what’s running, what’s not, and how to bridge the gaps. If you want to know more about Youtube Analytics, your search end’s here, and we can help you in learning YouTube Analytics. We provide a team of highly qualified AV service providers in Mumbai an Vashi. You can visit our website for more information.

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