Companies rely a lot on advertising in order to inform the masses about the product or the service they are offering. Advertising is not only for informing, but for persuading the users to buy whatever they are offering. Advertising has seen a lot of innovations, particularly in the ones which are used in TVs, which later spread to social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter etc. It has lead to more brainstorming for coming up with new ideas for the production. Animation serves as a way to establish a better connection with the viewers. They are justified as follows:

1. Cost effective:
In the company’s point of view, creating animated advertisements is a cost friendly method. In case of a live action advertisement, a lot of expenses would’ve been
incurred. Creating it is a one-time investment and hence, the idea of it being cost effective.
Hiring actors, finding a location and shooting an is a cumbersome process compared to hiring animators and voice over artists for shooting animated advertisements.

2. Conveys more:
There was a time when UNICEF came up with a bunch of videos to address some themes like development, health issues etc. Children were the target audience and all of their videos were animated. Such a presentation was chosen because it was able to convey more and if children are the target audience for companies, then it can be used to create a better impact.
Using animation is a way of showcasing the creativity and sprinkling subtle humour in the advertisements results in a better impact as they are more appealing. It is also an easy way of conveying and portraying abstract ideas.

Through the above image it is clearly evident that the graphic description (or the animated description) conveys more compared to the text description.

3. Presentation:
Animation has the power to convey relevant information in a better and attractive way. Starting from simple graphics, the development has ventures into CGI, motion capture etc and that has resulted in ad films being shot by professionals who can understand the needs and wants of the company and the client. This results in the delivery of better outputs.

4. Simplicity:
One can use simple graphics or effects to create advertisements and not complicate it further. This reduces the burden for producing multiple videos as multiple videos can be made using the similar format.