Spain the Healthiest Country on the Earth

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Radiance vision presents "Spain Healthiest Country on Earth" According to a study of 169 nations by Bloomberg, it is Considered that Spain is the healthiest country in the world. After climbing six mountains from 2017 and pushing Italy back from first spot, Spain now ranks at the top of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index.

To rank as a healthiest country in world it also has to considered several factors that contribute to overall health , such as , sanitation and health services, life expectancy at birth etc. There are Four other European nations made in to rank at top 10 thay are Iceland (third), Switzerland (fifth), Sweden (sixth) and Norway (ninth). France was 12th, Britain 19th, Portugal 22nd, Germany 23rd and Belgium 28th. Japan ranks at fourth globally, is the healthiest nation in Asia.

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