The Art Of Creating Successful Video Content

The Art Of Creating Successful Video Content

Videos are a powerful method for conveying a message. But have you wondered how they are made? Video production is indeed a long process with a lot of factors contributing to it, such as follows:

1. Identify your audience: Identifying your audience is an important step in the pre production process. It is a complicated process. Your target customers might not be having only one interest. It can be overlapped when you exploit when you are planning your video content. Every business, regardless of the target audience, must have a proper persona document. Narrowing down to a specific from a generic audience will help you get more targets in the long run. Therefore you can create a video message such that your buyer persona finds it interesting and entertaining, along with how products and services can help them.

2. Have a clear message: After defining your audience it is necessary for the audience to have a clear and proper understanding of your message. If you own a business firm and if you are planning to produce and release videos, then you will be in need of different videos for different purposes. Accumulating a lot of topics in a single video will end up making the video a complicated one and it will confuse the customers in the end. Therefore it is necessary to have a video which has a specific message along with a specific goal as that will be more effective in the long run.

3. Finalise your budget: After finalising your audience and your message, you have to decide the budget i.e., how much money you will be allocating for production of the video message such that your message is conveyed efficiently and effectively. If you fail to create a budget you will end up producing videos at a high cost. Some elements of video production are most likely to be more expensive than others. It might result in excess or poor delivery of the message, particularly for videos which have a voice over or third party interviews. Production companies value the work. Whatever video is being produced will be added to their portfolio which can be used for marketing by them. In the end, they produce videos with great precision and quality for your company, so it can be used in conveying your message in a proper manner, along with the videos being used by them as a part of their portfolio.

4. Include a script: There have been occasions when the script is ready and the production process begins without any revision or without any editing. Or your script might have gone through a lot of revision processes, but what if it doesn’t have a proper base a.k.a concrete and credible content? It is necessary to get professional input, be it through pre production or through post production as it will be a worthwhile investment.

5. Get to the point: It is very important to know that viewers tend to close videos if it doesn’t get their attention within the first 8 seconds. Studied suggests that the average attention span is around 8 seconds. But many video producers use the concept called “media res” i.e., middle of the story. They create the video such that the video begins from the middle of the story and that creates a lot of excitement among the viewers. It is very important to know that customers do not buy products or services. They buy the idea behind the same. Every product or service is created with an idea in mind. There is the WHY part in the product/service answering to why it was created or what is the idea behind it? WHY refers to how the customers can be benefitted by using the product or service.

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