Top 3 best cameras for expert video production

Top 3 best cameras for expert video production

The most important aspect of a video production is the camera you choose for shooting the video. The use of the camera totally depends on the video you are shooting. If you are shooting just a fun video to share with your friends then a mobile phone camera would work for it. But if you are shooting a movie then you need a DSLR or a 4k camera for it. Choosing the camera also depends on your budget. There are some pocket-friendly cameras available in the industry, we might be unaware of. Confused about which camera is the best? Here’s a list of cameras that will sort all your problems.

Let us have a look

1. Panasonic Lumix GH5S

Panasonic Lumix GH5S is one brilliant mirrorless camera for an expert videographer. It is an uncompromising tool for shooting a video. The plus points of this camera are multi-aspect sensor design and brilliant video spec. While the negative points of this tool are the absence of IS and less battery life. You can shoot sharp 4k videos or click amazing HD pictures using this. 

Price: Rs.1, 89, 990

2. Sony Alpha A7s II

Need a small handy camera that helps you shoot excellent footage with a huge dynamic range? Sony Alpha A7S II is the tool for you. Another mirrorless beauty with full-frame CMOS sensor. The positive points of this tool are its super dynamic range, low noise and useful log options. The minus points are that only 4K UHD is available and no 4K DCI, also 8-bit videos can be generated instead of 10-12 bit videos.

Price: Rs.1, 99, 990

3. Nikon D850

High resolution and high speed these two factors enhance the beauty of this DSLR. Full-frame CMOS sensor with 45.4MP resolution. The strong points of this tool are superb autofocus system and no-crop factor at 4K. Whereas the weak points are live view focusing speed and snap bridge clunky to use. 

Price:  Rs.2, 54, 950

The above-mentioned cameras may be a bit high-end price wise but to achieve the dream of becoming one of the best cinematographers, the price is just a factor. Also, the investment totally depends on your usage. Practice with the best and perform your best. Happy shooting!