Video Production in the digital age of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Video Production in the digital age of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Video production is one of the most important and is one of the best mediums of transferring a message or information to a crowd of large masses. As a human, we like it when something stimulates our senses, where texts can only trigger the eye, videos trigger both our eyes and our ears. The message is more relevant and easy to grasp in this mode of communication. We should also accept the fact that we like it when we meet people and talk about some issue than looking it up by texts or calls, we can understand the importance of videos in these examples from our
lifetimes. But how are these interactive short clips made?

Video production is the process of creating and producing visual content with some message behind it. It is done with three production stages i.e. pre-production, production and post-production. One of the first stages of creating these videos is pre-production. This is the time where the props and the scripts are discussed and created with the presence of the total crew members. The administrative duties and other essential parameters like shooting spots are decided here with dates.

Production is the second stage where the visuals are shot with models and in catchy locations. On a timely basis, this stage is done with full effort as these are the clips which appear in the shots. The last stage is known as the post-production stage. Not all clips are guaranteed to make it to the final cut. So the best ones are selected and the visual effects are added in this stage. After all these stages, the main picture is screened and telecasted to the public. Companies like Radiance are creative in this field. They are one of the best companies in the field and have produced videos for a lot of evolving brands like Fasso’s , Groffer Stop Motion, National Bulk Handling and Evolute The Banking Solution. They believe that when visual elements combine with marketing strategies, they give a better advantage to the whole brand. The whole motive and the features of the product are easily said in a matter of seconds beautifully by their advertisements.

They have been producing visual content in places like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Vashi for numerous start-up companies and organisations. They also produce videos Explainer Videos, Commercial Videos, Productive Videos and Corporate films. The crew consists of well trained and members who have experience in their respective fields. Once the concept is framed, the whole team is noted and they never stop until the goal is achieved. The video is uploaded to social platforms as they have additional services like SEO and SMO services to take care of increasing the web traffic.